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Odin - Gaming and Wrestling

Great game! Have played for many years, constant enjoyment and hours upon hours of fun gameplay. However, following the most recent update, my log-in bar reaches about half way before freezing... so I can't play the game currently. Hope this issue is fixed soon! Edit: New bux fix update fixed it up pretty good. Back to smooth gameplay!

Matthew Norton

This game is really fun in presents a lot of things in the original game but remastered, as well as introducing a lot more new things. I noticed there was a bug where the last key that would be unlocked to level 49 is completely absent, meaning that one of the normal birds will be completely unusable no matter what (which in this case is Silver). When you get past level 49, when you click on the Bird's cage, red will just say "bird key at level" with no additional number.

Jay Ess

The constant freezing and crashing during tower play on higher floors, losing all my loot. Crashing during the daily & king pig challenges, needing to close out the app and restart.

Bayley Poston

Not really happy with the direction of this game, recent updates have caused more problems. After recent issues with the game I lost all arena progress, and all mighty eagle coins. Thought it was just a bug but have a feeling Rovio knew exactly what they were doing. Game is quickly trending toward being a game you basically have to pay (not just small amounts) but large sums of money to make any real progress. The hat events are also complete jokes now. You can't break me Rovio. I'm not paying.

Krys B.

I would have given 5 stars, like a few weeks ago. But I hate that they changed the reward system with this rainbow event. It's harder to get coins now. If you played every day, you were guaranteed like 50 coins a day. Now you only get a few coins. It's not cool. I used to LOVE this game, but I'm not spending money because they chose to get all greedy. To top it off, the game is freezing up more than ever. DUMB A## upgrade, more like a downgrade!


Kinda fun, but there's just too much to do (pop-up ads and random cash grab mini games), and the game's progression stalls very quickly after a few hours. You can tell they desperately want you to spend money on this game. "Deals" pop up very often, and you can delete them but its just not fun playing a game that so desperately wants your money.

Steve C

It's a fun game if you join a clan and participate in clan events and battles. Advancement is more difficult and costly now compared to a year or more ago. It will take a very, very long time to advance to the higher arena leagues and mighty eagle boot camp levels without spending a fair amount of money. Even if you do spend It still take a long time. It just depends on what you are wiIling to spend. Many people have quit over those changes.

Julie Schlegel

I fully agree with Kelsey! I've been playing for years, never lost my progress UNTIL last update. I tried the suggested fixes by changing google services, signed out, then back in, NOTHING! I lost my coins, power, hats, apples, everything. It's like starting new. After all the time spent, everything is wiped away! Don't want to play because… this will most likely happen again! Very poor creator decision.

Anastasia B

Edit: The game is continuing to freeze even more often... It's curious that it only seems to freeze when I win something, never when I lose. It's almost as if it's deliberate to deprive you of rewards so you'll have to spend money sooner. 🤔 Original: Every time I win the daily challenge, my game crashes before I can collect the prizes. It literally freezes with the cards on the screen, then I don't get anything when I reopen the game, but it shows the challenge is completed. This is ridiculous.

Joshua Osgood

A lot of little bugs that just make it annoying to play... As an example the arena mode has a glitch that starts the match and shows your birds but still shows the challenge screen and won't let you play. Then there is nothing you can do but exit out to restart the app which forces you to lose the match and standings. I've wasted a bunch of gems on trying to reshuffle the cards hoping it would work but it doesn't.